Cursed Mermen

An extra steamy MM romance series

Escaping the Merman cover

Escaping the Merman

A Gay For You Romance

Fernando & Arian’s story:

A handsome sailor who thinks he’s straight.

A beautiful merman driven by desire.

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Content warning for dubious consent

Hunting the Merman cover

Hunting the Merman

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Kristian & Tarlis’s story:

A broody captain seeking revenge.

A gorgeous merman who takes as good as he gives.

Available at Amazon

Content warning for dubious consent

Stealing the Merman cover

Stealing the Merman

An MMM Romance

Darin, Conall & Finn’s story:

A pirate, his captain and their merman.

Available at Amazon

Courting the Merman

An Age Gap Romance

Luis & Zade’s story:

A sinfully rich merchant.

A merman with a dark past.

Available at Amazon

Obeying the Merman

Total Power Exchange Romance

Erik & Leomaris’s story:

A virginal young man looking for love.
A sinful merman king drowning in lust.

Available at Amazon

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